After years of developing multi-million dollar products for top brands, the team at ideaBench formed to design products their way – exceptional sounding, rugged, with high usability and design.

There is nothing like the thrill of seeing your guitar heroes step on stage with your products or the roar of a rock band blasting through your gear. Gear that is loaded on and off the stage day in and day out. It needs to work. Every time.

Everything we make has to sound good. It has to perform. It has to be simple. Our products help you make music – because the music you are creating is the only thing that matters.

Enough of the corporate world, enough of bottom line before customers. We are musicians doing what we love – making products for other musicians.

"At ideaBench we are passionate about music, design, and quality," says president Rick Kreifeldt, "Drop us a line for any questions - we are always interested in what you need."


We would love to hear from you – send us a note with any questions or hit us up on social media.

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