Hi - I'm Rick Kreifeldt, founder of ideaBench. I'm an electrical engineer and guitarist. My dad always told me to combine what you love with what you are good at, that is why I pursued a career making music products. I've worked over 25 years in the business, starting at DOD/DigiTech, then onto dbx, and from there onto all kinds of cool products and technology. Along the way I've received over 30 patents and had incredible experiences. 

There is nothing like the thrill of seeing your guitar heroes step on stage with your products or the roar of a rock band blasting through your gear. Gear that is loaded on and off the stage day in and day out. It needs to work. Every time.

I started ideaBench to make products without any compromise - no more corporate suits. I've hung up my ties and rolled up my sleeves. 

At ideaBench we are passionate about music, design, and quality, Drop us a line for any questions - we are always interested in what you need.


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