Porthole Panel

Porthole Panel includes a large 1.25″ hole with rubber grommet and holes for mounting two 1/4″ jacks.  Large hole easily accommodates power cords, MIDI jacks, and other large jacks for simple wiring. Order panel matched to board color.

Prewired Porthole Panel

Prewired Porthole Panel features two 1/4 inch jacks with a one foot high-quality audio cable to 1/4″ female inline jack.  Run audio with the 1/4″ jacks and power and larger MIDI or XLR jacks through the porthole.  Order panel matched to board color.

Dual D-Sub Panel

Dual D-Sub Panel features two industry-standard cutouts that can accommodate many panel jacks including locking 1/4″, MIDI, XLR, power, etc.  Order panel matched to board color.

Pre-wired Dual D-Sub

Dual D-Sub Panel prewired with locking Neutrik 1/4″ jacks connected via a premium one foot audio cable to an inline female 1/4″ jack.  The most secure audio connections available.  Order panel matched to board color.

1/4" Cables

Female 1/4″ panel jack to female 1/4″  inline jack.  Features a one foot premium audio cable. Use these cables in either the Fastback side holes or the Porthole Panel.

Locking 1/4" to 1/4"

Neutrik Locking 1/4″ to female inline 1/4″ jack.  Features a one foot premium audio cable.  For use in Dual D-Sub Panel.

Dual Lock

Five feet of premium Dual Lock.  This dual lock features an industrial grade adhesive made for reliable use on powder-coated metal at high temperatures.  Temperature rated to 180° F.  The best solution for attaching pedals to your pedalboard.