Switcheroo ™

We love pedals – this decade has seen so many imaginative builders bringing incredible tone to players. Yet the team at ideaBench saw what people were missing – the ability to change sounds quickly live. Combining the knowledge of sophisticated rack systems, large scale audio control systems and the ease of consumer products, the team set out to invent something different – a modular product line that is acoustically pure, rugged enough for touring AND fast to set up.

The switchers are sonically transparent using studio grade components.   By splitting the switching from the controller you don’t need to have a big switching unit in the middle of your pedalboard. Mount the foot controller on top and the switching underneath and get more room on your pedalboard for what matters – Pedals! Mix and match foot controllers and switching units. Use the same foot controller with switchers on different pedalboards. Control your MIDI pedals without ever learning MIDI – use the computer App to quickly configure everything.

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The SW10 switching unit is the heart of the system. Using high-quality relay switching, the SW10 will not compromise your tone. With on the fly switchable buffers, you can easily handle long cable runs.   Small enough to fit underneath most pedalboards or in the back of a pedal drawer, the SW10 will handle all your switching needs.

Get the most out of your pedals and amps by controlling them in real time from the Control Outputs and MIDI Output. The SW10 responds to MIDI Program Change and CC commands and can be used alone or paired with the ideaBench FC14 Foot Controller for maximum flexibility. Our Mac/PC app lets you easily set pre-sets, song lists and everything else you will need for your complete system.

Don’t want to mess with a computer?  Loops, Buffer on/off, Input and output selections can be set up directly from the FC14 Foot Controller.  But try the Mac/PC app – you will be be blown away with the extra configurability.

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  • Instrument Inputs:                     2
  • Mono Loops:                               6
  • Stereo Loops:                              4
  • Insert Points:                               2
  • Tuner Out:                                   1
  • Expression In:                             1
  • Control Outs:                              4
  • MIDI:                                  IN/OUT
  • Presets:                                    100
  • USB:                                              Y
  • Dimensions(in):    12 x 2.375 x 2

*Prelim and subject to change

FC14 Foot Controller

The FC14 is a fully programmable foot controller that can be used with any Switcheroo switcher.  With 14 configurable foot switches, dedicated loop status LEDs, and a large LCD, the FC14 gives maximum control.  Any foot switch can recall presets, send MIDI commands, toggle SW10 Control ports, tap tempo and many other features.

The FC14 can be powered directly from the SW10 over a standard MIDI cable, or use the 9V input jack if your SW10 is backstage in a rack.

The FC14 can be attached to your pedalboard or placed directly in front.  Have more than one rig?  Your FC14 can be used with each setup, saving you money.

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More Information
  • Programmable Footswitches:              14
  • Footswitch Functions:
    • Preset load
    • Bank UP/DN
    • Song List UP/DN
    • Loop ON/OFF
    • Control Out Toggle
    • Tap Tempo
    • MIDI PC and/or CC send
  • Banks:                                                      20
  • Expression Inputs                                    2
  • MIDI:                                                     OUT
  • Dimensions(in)                  19.75 x 3 x 2.5

*Prelim and subject to change